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Valpak Deals Launching Soon

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In an email we received today, Valpak announced that they will have live deals starting November 3.

Valpak had previously announced that they would launch in Omaha, Long Island, New Haven, Las Vegas.  Their annnouncement does not indicate if they will launch their deal of the day product in all those markets simultaneously.

Beginning Wednesday, November 3, Valpak Deals will offer you daily deals and savings offers to be used at a top-rated business in your area. Save up to 90% on dining, shopping, entertainment, professional services and more. From cupcakes to disc brakes, adventure sports to posh resorts, pet foods to import brews, home goods to goodies, it’s all in the Pak!

Valpak has one very clear advantage in launching daily deals – selling to merchants.  Valpak has not only a significant number of merchant relationships, but also feet on the street in many of their markets.  They should have no problem lining up quality advertisers, which is probably becoming more and more difficult in some markets.

Interestingly, Valpak is not launching in any major markets.  Although there are less potential subscribers, there is also less competition for selling to advertisers and the cost of acquiring customers will also be lower.  We think this will probably serve them well.

Depending on the size of the email lists they already have access to in these markets, we expect that Valpak will probably be successful with this deal product.  We’ll check back on their progress after they launch – and of course we will add their deals to Daily Dibs.

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