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Republic Wireless Promo Code

Recent Republic Wireless Promo Codes – 2014

Below is a list of the most recent promo codes from Republic Wireless.

  • First month free.  Use the promo code MONEYMOUSTACHE19 (click link to activate and enter code at checkout) to get the first month of a $19 plan for free.

Some other promo codes to try that probably won’t work. They all give a free month ($19) credit.

Expired: $50 off your second phone with coupon code ADDALINE50.  Expired 8/31/2013

Republic Wireless plan comparison

Republic Wireless plan comparison

About Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a relatively new company, but their plans are really, really cheap (Like $19/mo cheap).  They have gotten a lot of very good reviews and they are up front about how they keep their prices low.

If you love saving money on your phone service, this may be the company for you.  Not only can you save on your mobile phone bill, but because Republic Wireless automatically uses your Wi-Fi, this is an excellent replacement for your home phone if cell phone service is inconsistent at your home (if you still have a traditional home phone).

You simply buy an Android phone for $99  and the plans are $19/mo after that.

The offer includes unlimited everything.  Again, they explain the catch here.  They keep costs down by limiting the phone selection and optimizing the phone for switching to WiFi when possible.  When not on wi-fi, it uses the Sprint network.  They have special technology that makes the switching between cellular service and wifi smooth.

Republic Wireless Phones

Part of what keeps the prices down at Republic Wireless is the limited selection of phones.  Currently they only offer 2 types of Android phones. The Moto X and the Motorola Defy XT

Defy XT

Defy XT

Moto X from Republic Wireless

Moto X



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