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GivShop Austin Joins the Crowd

GivShop Logo joins an already crowded group of Austin daily deal sites.  Like aDealio and Localiter, GivShop is actually based in Austin.

How is GivShop Different?

GivShop plans to differentiate themselves with a focus on giving back to non-profits.  From their website:

“Here’s the fun part. GivShop is giving 50% of our profit to local charities and we want your help in selecting which charities get the cash. Select a non-profit from the list and they receive a part of the deal.”

Wow – 50% of their profit?  If that doesn’t tell you about the unbelievable margins in the daily deal space, nothing will.

Will They Succeed?

Judging from their team, they are looking to be more than just another local player in Austin.  It is hard to tell at this point what audience advantages they bring to the table if any.  My guess is that they are counting on their non-profit approach to win over users and businesses.  I’m not sure if that alone will be enough as the cost of customer acquisition continues to increase.

Good luck GivShop – we put you at the top of our list in Austin.

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